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Ric Engelhardt – Our new composer and his passion for Christmas cookies

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Ric Engelhardt is a multi-talent! He is not only a composer, arranger and musical director for selected artists, piano teacher, ocean pianist, piano book author, music editor of a major TV music program, technical support for hardware and software companies in the music industry, etc., he is also a musician and musician.

but also

Lovers of home-baked Christmas cookies!!!

Thanks to this passion, among other things (wink), Ric Engelhardt is now launching his new series “Groovy Piano Pieces” on Netmusica, and there – how could it be otherwise? – with a Christmas Edition!

He arranged 5 well-known Christmas songs in a groovy and stylistically varied way. From Boogie Woogie, Reggae to Stride Jazz Piano, Soul Ballad to Power Rock Piano. A great thing, especially for jazz piano beginners!

And what about the cookie story? Well, be sure to read the appendix of his foreword to the two albums, which are available as Premium (with bonus material: Easy Versions, Leadsheets and mp3 files) and Standard (PDF):

“PS: If you have any questions, suggestions or requests (…and great recipes for cookies) – let me know!

You can now send your favorite Christmas cookie recipes directly to Ric Engelhardt. Just take a look at his newly released Christmas sheet music, where you will find the entire foreword and contact details in the product descriptions of the albums as well as the groovy Christmas pieces.