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„Moments at the piano“ (print edition)

12 modern pieces of medium difficulty

Medium difficulty

From Oliver Lisy

Audio sample: „Neighbor’s cat“ (further audio samples in the description)

Each of the 12 moments on this piano album by Oliver Lisy tells its own little story: sometimes cheerful, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes full of temperament, sometimes calm, sometimes casual… The finest piano jazz, pop ballad elements, crisp rhythms, fresh harmonies and catchy melodies come together here to create a rendezvous worth playing.



Contents: Spring; Neighbor’s cat; Rainbow; Etude for the left hand; Holidays; Longing; Visit from America; At the lake; Skateboard; Starry night; Farewell; Evening star

Scope of the PDF: 29 pages

Audio sample: „Spring“

Audio sample: „Rainbow“

Audio example: „Etude for the left hand“

Audio sample: „Vacation“

Audio sample: „Longing“

Audio sample: „By the lake“

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