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„A bit of a crazy Christmas“ for piano (PDF)

9 extraordinary Christmas carols for piano


From Iris Wirth-Halbherr

Audio sample: Ihr Kinderlein go Czerny – A fast-paced Christmas carol

Now Christmas music is getting a new lease of life! Always with a rogue in the neck, 9 popular Christmas songs have been arranged here in a completely unconventional and unexpected way. You can smile! Further audio examples in the description.



St. Nicholas gets lost (Oh dear, the poor thing)

Snowflake White Robin backwards (2nd verse)

Do you know how many stars there are? (That’s not a Christmas song at all! But still nice for Christmas!)

Jingle Bells – It bumps over hill and dale (almost only black keys!)

Ihr Kinderlein go Czerny – A fast-paced Christmas carol (For fast fingers)

Santa Claus is coming tomorrow – accompanied by murder ducks (not murder ducks!)

Can you hear the angels singing? (Heavenly!)

A rose has sprung – Why not do it quickly? (Something completely different!)

Chill Glöckchen Chillichillichill – The little bell is a little bit tired (he deserves it!)