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24 enchanting piano pieces for the Christmas season

Easy – medium

With works by Daniel Schunn, Markus Schimpp, Heinz Reichert, Paolo Orlandi, Sven Ochsenbauer, Tobias Beiler and Iris Wirth-Halbherr

Seven Netmusica composers in one collection with 24 magical piano pieces for the Christmas season! Each of the seven musicians and pianists writes in his own, very personal compositional style. This collection contains a wonderful selection of very different music to accompany you throughout the Advent and Christmas season.

The 24 piano pieces are of easy to medium difficulty, some are arrangements of well-known Christmas carols or selected new works, which can also be found in our store in various albums by the individual composers. We hope you enjoy this extraordinary album and wish you an unforgettable Christmas!

Audio examples in the description



Scope of the PDF: 56 pages

Audio sample: „The Gift“ by Daniel Schunn

Audio sample: „Smiling Stars“ by Tobias Beiler

Audio sample: „Leise rieselt der Schnee“ by Sven Ochsenbauer

Audio sample: „Bim-Bam-Bum“ (from „Morgenstern“) by Markus Schimpp

Audio sample: „By the light of the candles“ by Heinz Reichert

Audio sample: „Old Castle“ by Paolo Orlandi

Audio sample: „Chill Glöckchen Chillichillichill“ by Iris Wirth-Halbherr


1. Winter Dreams Tobias Beiler
2. The first snow Daniel Schunn
3. The snow trickles softly Sven Ochsenbauer
4. Old castle Paolo Orlandi
5. Here comes the light Sven Ochsenbauer
6. By the light of the candles Heinz Reichert
7. Quiet Moments Iris Wirth-Halbherr
8. Smiling Stars Tobias Beiler
9. For You Iris Wirth-Halbherr
10. The gift Daniel Schunn
11. A day off and nothing to do Daniel Schunn
12. Sunday afternoon Daniel Schunn
13. New Hope Sven Ochsenbauer
14. Memory of a journey Heinz Reichert
15. Sleeping Nature Tobias Beiler
16. The two roots Markus Schimpp
17. The prayer Markus Schimpp
18. Chill bells chillichillichill Iris Wirth-Halbherr
19. Bim-Bam-Bam Markus Schimpp
20. Santa Claus is coming tomorrow Iris Wirth-Halbherr
21. Hear how the angels sing Iris Wirth-Halbherr
22. Quieter night Heinz Reichert
23. Let the party be a good one! Heinz Reichert
24. Memory in dreams – a lingering Heinz Reichert