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18 crazy keyboard pieces – not only for children (PDF)

From Iris Wirth-Halbherr

Further audio examples in the description

Our 18 very funny and quirky piano miniatures make piano lessons especially fun. All pieces contain defined learning content, on which piano technique as well as note reading and sound work are advanced.



Contents: Duck Elsa’s sunbathing in the water lily pond, A very brave soap bubble’s journey around the world, Bobbi’s experimental ballad, Bello’s quick saltarello, The totally cheesy piano piece, Alfred, the watchdog earthman at his post, The lonely dandelion, Mr. Tang cooks delicious Won Ton, The song of an extremely lazy tortoise, Knight Kunibert’s journey to Princess Kunigunde, Princess Kunigunde waits on the swing, Rocky, the red rocket cat, Teddy’s gaming twist, Harry Hamster goes crazy, Waldi goes for a walk alone, Lazy eggs, Ella duckling waddles to the lake, Intermezzo of a little caterpillar

Further audio samples:

A brave soap bubble travels the world

Bello dances Saltarello

Alfred, the little watchman at his post

Teddy’s Gaming Twist

Rocky, the red rocket cat

Mr. Tang cooks delicious Won Ton

Harry Hamster goes crazy



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