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Feb 04,  · Best Answer: Haha! Sneaky question. The person setting this question wants to find out about YOU. This is not just a life history of a famous.

I never had anyone to play with me or have a conversation with. They always looked down on me since I was the youngest. Since the biggest age gap was between me and them, sometimes they would take time to talk to me but most times homework booklets english ks3 were off in their own world.

But all of them had their good traits and the one I most admire is my second-oldest brother.

essay on a famous person i admire

Coming out for him was the hardest. My mom and dad did not know how to deal with it. So they hit him. They essay the solution was beating the gay out of him and treating him famous. I admire going to church and keeping him as the secret of the family. I could only imagine how he psg business plan feel being the black sheep of the family— staining our family.

To this day, those words stay with me since he knew who I was when I was young. Even when I was denying it because society said we were sinners, he came up to me and said what needed to be said. Those simple words touched my heart and I have never forgotten them.

I love him so dearly. Because of those words I knew exactly what he went through, those persons had the pain he went through laced all around them.

essay on a famous person i admire

I am proud to say he is my brother and my hero. He is the one who inspires me to be myself and not care research paper on joint venture others say about me. Because after all these years no matter what happens I know he will be there for me, because despite of all the prejudice in the world he will never back down from who he is, and neither will I.

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Well, to start off, my mom was not born anywhere near the U. She was born on the other side of the world: She grew up during a time when making money to help the family was much more important than receiving an education.

She grew up during a time of war, which made it that much harder for her to receive food and simple, everyday necessities that we here in the U.

Despite all these hardships, my mom dissertation historique m�thode managed to get an education, start a family and accomplish something that would change the course of my life forever.

essay on a famous person i admire

She worked and worked and worked, and eventually she saved up enough money to get my entire family of five over to the States. Secondly, I admire her because of her strength. About five years ago, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

When I heard the news, I broke down and cried.

essay on a famous person i admire

She held herself together very well. Whenever anyone needed a shoulder to cry on, they would look for her. She a very good adviser, a good model mother. Generally, my mom is a warm and friendly.

essay on a famous person i admire

She is very patient and careful in everything. She always opens her heart listened to everyone and helps to solve.

essay on a famous person i admire

She always encourages me and makes me happy. She says my dad and me is the most important person in her life that she have to care. She is very important to me because she have many good things that I have to learn from her.

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She is a good example to me and I love her for many more reasons. I admire my mom so much and I love her. When the long distance march starts, the other children complains incessantly, Gates wounds his both feet, blood bursts directly.

He overcomes tire and pain to walk until the march end. Gates was born in a famous and aristocratic family, collins homework book higher 1 answers the parents do not give him luxurious life.

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Conclusion Since he studies in middle school, he is infatuated with the computers, from this time on Gates and the computers become the indissoluble bond. Then Bill Gates uses his own brightness and diligence. He lets US dollars become Gates lets the common people be surprised.

essay on a famous person i admire

Some people said that, Gates and his Microsoft Corporation will be able to change the entire world.

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My kids have motivated me to do many things that I thought I would never do. Try not to take anything bad they say about your paper personally. If your teacher told you what questions to answer, then use those.

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On the other hand, if there is a historical figure you are really interested in, you will have a good time researching and writing homework 1.3 memory usage your person whether they led very busy lives or not. Make sure that you use the simple past for things that happened in the past and that are not occuring now. I was really upset and unhappy but as I have from my mother, I understand why my friend did that and I let it go more easily.

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Not only does the accepted meaning of the word not describe the girls in full I remember we were in Shanghai, in a very fancy hotel, and the Chinese hospitality requires that the person who cleans your room and provides you with your food, does exactly that.